Wednesday, January 25, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Looking forward to a healthy, wealthy and wonderful 2012.

As the year stays new at least till February or even March, I find my self tidying up my 2011 and setting my goals for 2012.

I accept and now will plan for the fact that I'm 'allergic' to my computer during the holiday season, which goes from about a week before Thanksgiving, through to Chinese New Year on Jan 23rd.  That, of course, is not to say that things don't get accomplished during that time... on the contrary, lots of friends, family, making things, eating, festivals, etc.  What is does mean, is that things like blogging don't get done.

2011 was a short but good year with lots of fiber fun.  I wove a double weave doll and am working on a second one. I tatted several new earring designs and started designing a bobbin lace collar.  I'm knitting a pair of Maeva socks and finished a pair of cashmere Borough Mittens.  I made a backstrap loom and did a strap on the inkle loom.  I knitted a vest out of some of my handspun and crocheted a crocodile clutch.  I wove a fleece scarf and a gold scarf out of thin 20/2 silk.  I purchased more roving and a new golding spindle at NY Sheep and Wool.

....... more to come....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Craft Fair

I'll be demonstraing with my fellow Woodland Weavers' and Spinners' Guild on Saturday at Sullivan County Community College's Annual Holiday Fair.  We'll be selling our handmade items as well.

An artisan, farm, food, gift and wine festival
112 College Rd.
Gerry Field House
Loch Sheldrake, NY  12759
Tel: 845-434-5750 ext 4472

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Patina Seed Vest

Back in Oct 2007 I purchased some roving from the Sheep and Wool Festival... I started spinning that wool in August 2009.  I spun all of it on my drop spindle using the "navajo 3 ply on the fly" method.  At the time I had no idea what kind of project I would make...
handspun Patina 2
I didn't know how much yarn I would get out of the two colors of merino wool roving: The orange-ish color called Patina gave me 246 yards .  The other a gun metal grey - 404 yards.  I always intended them to be used together.  Finally in 2011 I decided on a project...  After the great success with seed stitch and hand spun with my cotton candy scarf, I decided to make a simple seed stitch vest.
seed vest wip
I knit a scarf with the patina, 30 stitches wide and knit till I ran out of yarn.  I added the gunmetal grey to the ends and joined the two grey sections with a panel for the back.  I then needle tatted some buttons and loops so the vest would close.  
seed vest 4seed vest bkseed vest 2

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NY Sheep and Wool

NY sheep and wool Day 1:

My first time in a long time attending the NY Sheep and Wool on Saturday.  I usually go on Sunday.
It's a 1 hour casual drive to the Dutchess County Fair Grounds, along the scenic roads of the Hudson valley, meaning with normal traffic condtions, its 1 hr, door to door including parking.  I paid toll at the Rhinecliff bridge at 11:40 certain I'd get into the lot by noon, perhaps 12:10.  I arrived at the other side of the bridge at 12:20 and arrived via shuttle bus to the Main Gate at 12:45!  That's right, it was so croweded they had us park at the entrance to the Bridge!

I discoverd too, that I have no phone signal at the fair grounds, so I did not rondevue with some friends, but all in all it was a lovely day.

I entered the drop spindle contest, not sure how I would compare. I placed third, even though the quality of my yarn was a bit sad, I've learned that spinning under pressure is very odd.  There was a huge crowd and people taking photos, flash bulbs going off, the clock ticking, 15 min to spin as much as you can.  I didn't drop the spindle or anything, but when I wraped it on the niddy noddy I had a break or two from poorly spun wool. 


Shopping! I got a second Golding spindle.  Its the 2" .85 oz solid purple heart whorl.  It also came with a sample of roving, which was a mix of silk, wool, and glitz.  It spun up beautifully.  I think I see some sock yarn spinning in my future, though spinning for weaving is also catching my attention at moment.

NY Sheep and Wool Day 2:

There was no traffic getting to the fair grounds.  (I stopped at Twisted Foods in Rosendale and got two pretzel rolls; as good as the ones in Berlin. )  I was hoping to see the punkin-chunkin but it was canceled.

I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the show, running into several friends and buying roving.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

radio silence

Its been a while since I've posted.  The blog silence equals lots of fiber activity.  Weaving, workshops, spinning, knitting, tatting, crocheting, travel and learning... 

I've been extremely disinterested in sitting in front of the computer... you could say I've been a bit allergic to it...  But I'm feeling its digital pull once more and I have much to share... about 5 months worth to be exact.

So this post is to break the silence...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Smartphone Cozy

IMG_2616 by Digital Leaf
IMG_2616, a photo by Digital Leaf on Flickr.
Here is a quick project I just finished. This multi colored acrylic yarn pooled really nicely, making an interesting swirl pattern. Every stitch is cabled creating a cool woven look. I used i-cord to make a knot button and the loop was knit on the last row before binding off.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

striped pouch

striped pouch fo 2 by Digital Leaf
striped pouch fo 2, a photo by Digital Leaf on Flickr.

Finished the tatted stripe pouch after attempting to use a purse frame then a snap frame, I decided I looked best as a draw string bag.

The tatting is size 20 cotton and the bag is royal navy blue cotton velvet and vintage grosgrain ribbon. The lining is dark blue.
tatted stripe pouch wip

Alpaca process

alpaca in mesh bagwashing alpacawashed alpaca dryingwashed alpaca in pickerdrum carder with alpacaalpaca batts drum carder
worsted alpaca on spindle

Alpaca process, a set on Flickr.
I've finally started washing and spinning some of alpaca I got in the fall. So far so good.
I hope to weave something with the singles. There were a lot of shorter fibers in this batch and it took a bit to get the results I wanted. As I see how much yarn I have, I'll decide what to weave and if I'm also going to use it as the warp.

I describe what i did in the Flickr Set.

Beltane Festival

silk victorian necklaceI'm vending on Saturday:

Brid's Closet 4th annual Beltane/Spring Festival
Sat. April 30, 2011 - 11.00 am til ?

Palaia Vineyards
10 Sweet Clover Rd Highland Mills
NY 10930

Admission: $25/under 12 free

Come and celebrate spring with us! Dress in your renaissance. faire best! (fantasy, pirate, renaissance, fun) Tarot readers, Dance the Maypole, Live entertainment, games of chance, classes, music, belly dancing, tons of shopping and food from our fine vendors, and so much more!!

Sponsored by Bernadette Montana of Brid's Closet
 (845) 458-8726

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Etsy Items...

I've posted some items on etsy. 

Tatted jewelry is on its way.  And custom items available.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I did a series of tatted cross samples for a local church.   Three of them are designs by Mary Konior.  The loopy red one (white background) is a vintage pattern made with Handy Hands Lizbeth Size 20.  The green ones are made from Presencia Finca Pearl Cotton N° 8 and the white is DMC Cordonnet Special Size 80. 
tatted red konior cross
tatted red loop cross
Lace cross
large green cross 2small green cross 2

Monday, March 21, 2011

2nd day of Spring 2011

2nd day of Spring 2011 by Digital Leaf
2nd day of Spring 2011 a photo by Digital Leaf on Flickr.

The first day of Spring was a lovely 52 degrees, perfect for a stroll.

The second day of Spring..... not so much.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

January and February FO's

Time, she is a flying... Here are some finished objects from January and February. 

cable braided necklace 3Cable Braid Necklace designed by Olgajazzy.  I used Karabella Boise cashmere and found the perfect color button.   
cable braided necklace 4

Tatted earrings for my aunt.
beverly green tatted earringsbeverly blue tatted earrings

Mini twined woven baskets using waxed cord and embroidery thread.  The orange and yellow one I made into a flower amulet.  there is a plastic tube so you can put a real flower in it.
Mini Brown Basket 3mini peach basket 3mini peach basket 5

And two tatted necklaces.   These are two designs I've been thinking about for while.  The green necklace came about while seeing what I can do with just one shuttle.  I like the mossy look. 
tatted 1shuttle necklace 
 The white necklace was more to do with the chain.  I really wanted to use split rings in an elegant way, something that looked more like pearls.  The green bead added some punch and little weight.  Both necklaces are metal free which I've been thinking about as well.  Like peanut allergies, there are also a lot of people allergic to metals. 

Green Bead Tatted White NecklaceGreen Bead Tatted White Necklace Closure 2

Cotton Candy Scarf

cotton candy scarf by Digital Leaf
cotton candy scarf a photo by Digital Leaf on Flickr.
At the end of January, I finished my cotton candy scarf.
It's made from the Nessaland dyed roving. I 2 ply spun the wool on my drop spindle. I spun just over 200 yards from the cotton candy roving and added another 64 yards of green merino to lengthen the scarf.

I knew the scarf might shorter than I wanted so I used a provisional cast on with 30 stitches.

I love how soft and gushy the scarf is. It hugs snug and is really warm.
cotton candy scarf_cu2

Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade...

I'll be at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Rock Hill, NY on Saturday March 12th, 2011. 12-3pm

Parade steps off at 12 pm at or near the Lodge and will end at the Rock Hill Fire Dept. The local Fire Departments, Businesses and Veterans will be marching. Irish bands will be performing along with Irish tenors. Many antique autos, Horses, Motorcycle clubs and many more attractions.

You can find me across from the Trading Post were several vendors will be set up.
See you there.

St. Partricks Day Parade in Rock Hill, NY

Friday, January 14, 2011

Needle Felting

Quick needle felting sculpture.  I like the freedom of needle felting.  Its like working with clay, you don't have plan to far ahead.  I looked at photo reference for the Penguin.  The owl's toes were fun to do and I love how Kodama's pose come out.  I didn't use an armature, just lots of felting.

felted Penguin 3felted Penguin 2

felt owl 3felt owl 1

kodama 4