Wednesday, January 25, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Looking forward to a healthy, wealthy and wonderful 2012.

As the year stays new at least till February or even March, I find my self tidying up my 2011 and setting my goals for 2012.

I accept and now will plan for the fact that I'm 'allergic' to my computer during the holiday season, which goes from about a week before Thanksgiving, through to Chinese New Year on Jan 23rd.  That, of course, is not to say that things don't get accomplished during that time... on the contrary, lots of friends, family, making things, eating, festivals, etc.  What is does mean, is that things like blogging don't get done.

2011 was a short but good year with lots of fiber fun.  I wove a double weave doll and am working on a second one. I tatted several new earring designs and started designing a bobbin lace collar.  I'm knitting a pair of Maeva socks and finished a pair of cashmere Borough Mittens.  I made a backstrap loom and did a strap on the inkle loom.  I knitted a vest out of some of my handspun and crocheted a crocodile clutch.  I wove a fleece scarf and a gold scarf out of thin 20/2 silk.  I purchased more roving and a new golding spindle at NY Sheep and Wool.

....... more to come....

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