Tuesday, March 15, 2011

January and February FO's

Time, she is a flying... Here are some finished objects from January and February. 

cable braided necklace 3Cable Braid Necklace designed by Olgajazzy.  I used Karabella Boise cashmere and found the perfect color button.   
cable braided necklace 4

Tatted earrings for my aunt.
beverly green tatted earringsbeverly blue tatted earrings

Mini twined woven baskets using waxed cord and embroidery thread.  The orange and yellow one I made into a flower amulet.  there is a plastic tube so you can put a real flower in it.
Mini Brown Basket 3mini peach basket 3mini peach basket 5

And two tatted necklaces.   These are two designs I've been thinking about for while.  The green necklace came about while seeing what I can do with just one shuttle.  I like the mossy look. 
tatted 1shuttle necklace 
 The white necklace was more to do with the chain.  I really wanted to use split rings in an elegant way, something that looked more like pearls.  The green bead added some punch and little weight.  Both necklaces are metal free which I've been thinking about as well.  Like peanut allergies, there are also a lot of people allergic to metals. 

Green Bead Tatted White NecklaceGreen Bead Tatted White Necklace Closure 2

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