Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NY Sheep and Wool

NY sheep and wool Day 1:

My first time in a long time attending the NY Sheep and Wool on Saturday.  I usually go on Sunday.
It's a 1 hour casual drive to the Dutchess County Fair Grounds, along the scenic roads of the Hudson valley, meaning with normal traffic condtions, its 1 hr, door to door including parking.  I paid toll at the Rhinecliff bridge at 11:40 certain I'd get into the lot by noon, perhaps 12:10.  I arrived at the other side of the bridge at 12:20 and arrived via shuttle bus to the Main Gate at 12:45!  That's right, it was so croweded they had us park at the entrance to the Bridge!

I discoverd too, that I have no phone signal at the fair grounds, so I did not rondevue with some friends, but all in all it was a lovely day.

I entered the drop spindle contest, not sure how I would compare. I placed third, even though the quality of my yarn was a bit sad, I've learned that spinning under pressure is very odd.  There was a huge crowd and people taking photos, flash bulbs going off, the clock ticking, 15 min to spin as much as you can.  I didn't drop the spindle or anything, but when I wraped it on the niddy noddy I had a break or two from poorly spun wool. 


Shopping! I got a second Golding spindle.  Its the 2" .85 oz solid purple heart whorl.  It also came with a sample of roving, which was a mix of silk, wool, and glitz.  It spun up beautifully.  I think I see some sock yarn spinning in my future, though spinning for weaving is also catching my attention at moment.

NY Sheep and Wool Day 2:

There was no traffic getting to the fair grounds.  (I stopped at Twisted Foods in Rosendale and got two pretzel rolls; as good as the ones in Berlin. )  I was hoping to see the punkin-chunkin but it was canceled.

I enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the show, running into several friends and buying roving.

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