Friday, September 25, 2009

Design-tat course

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I'm taking Sharon's Design-Tat course, which has been enlightening. Now on lesson 6, we have to design a pattern around a center motif and write out that pattern in short and long form text and do a drawing version of the pattern, using drawing software.

I'm a very visual person, so I use drawings to design, sketching out my ideas and making updates and changes as I work. As a result, I found the written part extremely unpleasant. I could only make it through the short hand text version.

I'll post the text and drawn pattern when its done, and I've gotten some feedback. But this experience goes a long way in explaining why I've had such a hard time working through some of the knitted patterns I have. (Again, sorry to those waiting for the holiday sweater or the ctn cardigan)

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❦TattingChic said...

Hi there! It's so nice to see some tatting here! How cool that you are doing the design course. I have no time!!!

Nice work! ☺