Friday, September 25, 2009


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Back in June I purchased some Tatting Shuttle from Lacis. I wanted to be able to work on more than project at a time and to try out some of the other shuttles.

The blue and cream shuttles are my maiden shuttles, which I got at from Iris Neibach during the Lacis retreat. I really like them, but they are not readily available in the U.S. Iris brought them from Italy. They are a great size.

The red Boye shuttle has a point on the end which I find relatively useless, and it sometimes gets in the way of tatting. The shuttle is too fat for my taste, like size 13 knitting needles, its just not comfortable in the hands. But this shuttle is readily available in most yarn shops.

Lacis has its own shuttle, called Sew Mate, which I got in a transparent green. It has a curved point, which is great for pulling thread through picos. This shuttle is the same size as the Boye shuttle, so it to is a little big for me, but the curved pint makes it preferable.

The mini Mother of Pearl shuttle is cute and very small. Its so smooth, its almost slippery. Its great for very thin thread. Its doesn't unwind unexpectedly.

The Metalicized Plastic w/ Point, here in cranberry-ish color, is not at all as nice as it looks. The plastic is odd. The point, which is fat and dull, is usless and its downward curvature made winding the thread difficult.

My favorites are the Clover Tatting Shuttle, here is pink and baby blue. I love the size and the small grip ridges keep the shuttle from slipping while you tat. The curved point its excellent for pulling thread through picos, almost eliminating the need for a crochet hook. And the thread doesn't unwind unexpectedly.

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❦TattingChic said...

How exciting! ☺ It's always fun to get new shuttles. Enjoy!