Thursday, June 05, 2008

Uuug.... all's quiet on the knitting front

Knitting has been sporadic. The Holiday Sweater: Right front is done. 90% of the the back is done. I thought the Left Front was done, but then I noticed I forgot to decrease for shaping the collar, so I have frog it back about 4"! Dang it!! I cast on the sleeves, but now I'm think I'm going to do a cape sleeve in the round instead of bottom up. I'll see how I feel when the body is done.

I'm almost finished with another pair of subway socks. In the middle of May, I did a quick-in-one-sitting pouch out of scrap yarn. And a few spur of the moment swatches for a light weight summer scarf.

Pictures on their way.... i still need to get a new camera, in the mean time i've been using my old fuji, which is clunky and can't focus too well... cataracts

But summer is here and the beach will probably happen this weekend, and I love knitting on the beach. Yay Summer!

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Queens Knitting Mama said...

no plans for weekend yet. I got pink eye now and sick as a dog. Took a sick day to see doctor today. Mother in law coming tonight. Oh yeah, mother in law is our plan. I'm a big big mess. There's also the craft fare in Williamsburg this weekend. Are you going? We must catch up soon.