Monday, April 14, 2008

Moving Along

Things are moving along. I finished my subway swirl socks. If only sweaters could fit in my purse and the subway not so crowded I would have more holiday sweater done, but its is moving along.
The mindless sock knitting was also great as I've recovered from my wisdom teeth extraction (uuug, and dentists wonder why people don't go to the dentist more!?)

I'm not so thrilled with the picot edge cuff on the sock, its just not clingy enough for my taste, though it looks good.

I've got no pictures at the moment, as I killed my camera :-(
I dropped it on its nose and it didn't recover. So i gotta buy a new one, which kinda sucks but now... (sinister smile) I can upgrade.

1 comment:

Queens Knitting Mama said...

Oh no broken camera! What are you going to upgrade to?