Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Knit New York Twilight Knitting...

Knit New York had their first Bryant Park Twilight Knitting gathering.
It was great. After a short rain shower earlier in the day, I was sure it would be a washout, but it ended up being a lovely evening, cool breeze and sunny, perfect for Bryant Park. There were quit a few knitters too. I enjoyed chatting with a new knitting friend I recently met and joined me for the event. I also got to help a soon to be sock knitter on her first pair of socks.

The best part.... I won the raffle!!!!! I never win the raffle, but I won! $100 to spend at Knit New York. Yay! exciting! Guess where I'll be going sometime this week!?

.........So a lovely end to a strangely started day, whereby my kitchen cabinets fell off my wall and nearly killed me. Guess where I will be cleaning tomorrow >.< !


floresita said...

Cool! I was there last night, too, working on some embroidery instead (my friends are knitters) and I saw you win! Congrats! :)

floresita said...

Oh, and this is my real profile (that links to my blog). :)

Queens Knitting Mama said...

Congrats on that $100 certificate! Wow!

How is the kitchen cabinet?