Monday, December 17, 2007

The Holiday Sweater

A big project is brewing at the moment. "The Holiday" sweater.

The one Cameron Diaz wore in the movie The Holiday. Its funny...the ONLY reason I even saw the movie was because my friend told me that Cameron Diaz was wearing a Louis Vuitton Coat that we both fell in love with during one of our window shopping outings to the Vuitton flagship store last year. It was a winter white wool coat with wonderful details. So I rented the movie, drooled over the coat, again, and then swooned over the sweater.

I quickly discovered I was not the only one in love with the wardrobe choices in that movie. Web searches revealed that the sweater was a cashmere TSE cardigan, but it doesn't seem to exist anywhere else in the virtual world (much like the Louis Vuitton coat).

Anyway, the film was on the other night and I was reminded how much I want that sweater. Surprisingly, it looks knit-able. So I swatched the smaller cable motif and am figuring out the larger one, which looks like a more spread out version of the smaller motif. There is really nice shaping detail on the back as well.

Its a good project to start off the new year. I'll work out the details over the holiday and aim to get knitting after the break.


BeanMama said...

I, too, went all numb when I saw her wardrobe. It almost outshone the movie (it didn't, but it came close!!) That cabled sweater had me drooling. Are you working out a pattern for it? Squee!

theShizzKnit said...

Nice blog! Do pleease drop me a note if you figure the pattern for the Tse Sweater, it was the best part of the movie!

Hattie said...

Ohhhh boy, I want that sweater! I've been trying to find a good pic so I can re-create it! I'll be staying tuned to see how you do. ;)

Digital Leaf said...

hattie: I actually I had to take screen shots from the film just to get some better pics of the sweater.
I'll be posting more info soon.

Shari A. said...

I just heard from a friend that TSE is reproducing the white cable knit sweater worn by Cameron Diaz in the movie this Fall!!!! Email to be put touch with their customer service department.