Sunday, November 04, 2007

a day well spent... or at least enjoyed...

It was a lovely fall day out today, though I spent most of it inside. I went out for about 2 hours for a relaxed running of errands and knit a little on subway. I continued knitting when i got home. Then, the day was swallowed by Ravelry.

Its like a new toy or video game. You can't not open it right away and see how it works. You say to yourself, "I'll just set it up"... then its "I just play one more round" and then you look up and its eaten your entire afternoon and evening, not that thats a bad thing.... because you had such a good time.

I did add several projects and as is the nature of web surfing, I ended up browsing others projects and searching for what people did with certain yarns I have and opinions on patterns I'm considering... then there's all the stuff that people have done.

I love that Ravelry is well integrated with flickr and blogger and the way its organized almost forces you keep track of all your new yarn purchases and those super valuable tidbits that often are forgotten after you've finished a project, like needle size and the yarns dye lot.

Ravelry is a little light at the end of my cluttered studio, where cones of yarn are spilling off the shelves and UFO's lay hidden in their bags.

Also in the spirit of organization, I brought a case of clear paper protectors, which will help me organize and store my pile of free patterns that I've printed out over the last few years.

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