Monday, August 06, 2007


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Finished! I love it! this is the Camisole from "Poetry in Stitiches". I really, really enjoyed knitting this. There is enough going on to keep me engaged and just enough mindless knitting to keep me relaxed. Its given me a new found respect for garter stitch. Its stretchy and spongy in the most wonderful way. Its subway knitting friendly too!

I also chose to use size 5 needle STRAIGHT metal needles, which i had pretty much banished from use after discover the wonder of circular needles. Why you ask? Well, my bamboo needles were not slippery enough with this cotton. My plastic Denise Interchagable needles twist off the cord every now and then, rarely enough to give me a false sense of security but often enough to threaten never using them again. After casting on 114 stitches I decided i couldn't take any chances with dropping stitches or getting them caught on the transition between cord and needle.

I accidentally started the first gusset at the wrong end, and by the time i realized, it was too late. This meant that what was my top button hole was at the bottom and the gap that was supposed to be at the bottom was at the top. So i added another button hole using what i remembered of Afterthought button holes in "Knitting without Tears". (Zimmerman to the rescue!)

The pattern calls for a picot crocheted edge, which i tried out several times. Didn't love it. I found it took away from the stretchiness of the bottom edge which I like.

I really enjoyed the side to side construction. Its almost as satisfying as a top down sweater.

My only complaint is it's nice and warm, so I haven't gotten to wear it yet! :-( Instead i folded it up, put on my bathing suit and went to the beach, knowing I was all set for fall, and that made things all better ^_^' Yay!


hege said...

It looks gorgeous! Beautiful job! I am with you on the crochet edging. The white original in the book didn't have the bottom edging, either, just the top, and I did like the bottom being more stretchy. But I really needed it for the neckline, since on me it was a little loose.

It was fun, wasn't it! I think I could do another one :)

Digital Leaf said...

Thanks! Yeah, i actually just started a cropped version of the cardigan. I might end up adding an edge to the neckline, but I'll wait till I wear it and see how it goes.

mel said...

I love, love this pattern, and yours came out just beautiful!! Lovely color choice too!