Monday, August 06, 2007

Visors update...

Just wanted to give everyone a visors update. I've cut them out, they are just not sewn together. In part due to my well honed procrastination. I'm shooting for next week. I have to thank Annulla for leaving a comment asking about them and lighting a fire under my butt. Annulla, you'll be the first know when they are up. Thank you!

While the visors sit unfinished on my work table, life has been flying by. It was suddenly July and then just as suddenly not July. The hot weather as meant my weekends are spent out of my apartment, leaving my sewing machine to swelter with the rest of my belongings.

I've also been putting together several origami pieces for an exhibit I'm in at the "Outsider's Studio" in Livingston Manor, NY (41 B, Main Street). If you happen to be in the area, check it out. Its open Friday and Saturday 11:30 -4:40 and Sunday 12 -3. Its up till August 26th. It includes around 30 of my pieces origami as well as work by 8 other artist, working in differnt mediums. Right across the street from the gallery is a wonderful kitchen wear and art store called Brown and Willow, also a must.

Before knitting... there was origami and there is still origami. My favorite being unit or modular origami, as it offers the same calm meditative and repetitive process as knitting. As well as the same unexpected delight when its finished. The same portably. I like watching as things progress both in origami and knitting. You can constantly see how far you've come and how much you have left to do. I like that you can make the same pattern in a million different ways, just by changing the material, texture or color. Both knitting and origami both seem endless in their possibilities. As soon as you get tired of on aspect there is always another one to try.

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