Sunday, February 11, 2007

lots of knitting going on...

I had started the cabled bolero by Norah Gaughan in a light greenish cotton that I got from Silk City Fibers. I finished three pentagons when I discovered that I had no more of that yarn. Now, I had not planned to return to Silk City for at least another few months, as evertime I go I end up spending a lot of money. But one's gotta do what one's gotta do.

So I went and spent a lot of money but I got my yarn (though it's different dye lot) and have continued on. Already I forsee making a few changes but I'll decide as I get closer to finishing.

I also finished a pair of flip top gloves for Aunt out of a morino wool also from Silk City Fibers, in a wondful forest green tweed.

The sleeve on my orange cardigan is little longer! I took it with me to the Church of Craft last weekend, determined to get it done. Well i'm a bit closer.

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