Thursday, February 08, 2007


I haven't gotten around to photographing and posting my most recent FO's and FPO's. I did get batteries for my camera, but i have not had a moment to take pics. I would love to buy an arri lighting kit! (Among other expensive things that don't go on sale. Ahhh, the modern conviences.)

Anyway, I wanted to post something, as i get ready for bed. Its 1:20am. My eyes are glazed over in fatigue after a long day, I coulded let Another day pass regretting the list of things i didn't get to upon my return home from my day job. Feeling again robbed of precious time to read a book i must soon return to the library, robbed of the lighting to take pics for your enjoyment, robbed of getting to the supermarket when its open. My mood could just be a symptom of Feburary, that mid winter lull and another snowless day below 20 degrees F. It suposed to be a warm high of 30 degrees tomorrow :-)

Well, Goodnight and Hopefully a brighter and photo filled post will up the weekend.

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