Friday, February 16, 2007

Chunky, you don't know Chunky!!

I was just commenting to a fellow knitter how I got this chunky yarn from carabella, and how i found that i prefer working with thinner yarns.... And that i couldn't for life of me think of what I would to make and wear out of such a chunky yarn... Its just not my style.

Then I saw this by fashion designer Giles (on It was like he over heard me and was like "Oh, you don't like chunky, well i'll show you chunky! Take that and that... MWAAHAHAHAA!

I must say, I am still not a chunky yarn kinda gal.


Queens Knitting Mama said...

Chunky is cool but I'm not that into it anymore. I heard from Lily Chin who was from Cast-On Podcast that Chunky is going out. Next year, there'll be more long sweaters and thinner yarn. I want to see your stuff in real life! How are things with you?


LeArtistE said...

Yeah, I heard a similar thing about the yarn trends, that people are not making scarves anymore, so people are buying less novelty yarns, instead sticking with large quantities of classic yarn and knitting sweaters and other longer term projects. But i must say I've a few desigerns showing super chunky knits on the Fall 07 runways.