Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rowan confusion...

I was thinking about making the Miss Marple pattern in Rowan 38, but i've found that the directions are a little confusing. One of my knitting friends started the Jefferson sweater and i helped her "translate" the directions. Is it just us? or are the Rowan directions a bit long winded. For example, they have ytf (take yarn to the front) and wyaf (with yarn at front) so the instructions say: Using yarn B K1, ytf, (sl 1) 3 times wyif, ytb, (sl 1 wyab).... I mean, duh! Could've just said Using yarn B K1, sl 3 sts wyif, sl 1wyab..., clearly i would HAVE to move the yarn to the front to acomplish the sl wyif. o_O!


I'm knitting a light weight scraf out of a this boucle yarn i got for Silk City Fibers. Its 52% Acrylic, 22%wool and 26% pam. (i don't what pam is). I've also been plugging away at the green tank top. I guess i've been in the mood for mindless knitting. I also pulled out the collar stitches on my sweetpotato cardigan.

I'm going to go to the Sheep and Wool fest in Rhinbeck next weekend, and hope to replenish my stash. I've never to been to this fest and i am excited about it. Most of what i have left are small quanitites of yarns, one or two skeins. These were yarns i purchased early on when i was just doing hats and scraves. AND They are having a pumpkin chunking contest on sunday :-D.

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