Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sweet Potato progressing

My sweet-potato Cardigan is comming along slowly. Didn't work on it thru most of August, just too hot. It coming along very nicely. It feels great and is so warm! Winter, here i come!

I am considering a little adjustment to the neck. There is an unintended square that i really don't like. So i think i will pull off the neck and do the whole thing in seed stitch with fewer or no decreases. So it will be a little more like a cowl neck. Also i am having second thoughts on the front piece. Both cause i don't how i want to attach it yet, and I think its a little to much. The cabling on the arm nice a subtle.

I finally made it to midtown and purchased an orange jacket zipper that matches almost perfectly. And i was happy to learn you can get zippers shorten to exactly what you want. Cool!
There is a nip in the air and i am feeling the drive to get this completed.

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