Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chucks Cable Sock Update #2

I have so enjoyed knitting this sock. I love the cable pattern, I loved working with the two colors. I think i was a little ambition on my redesign.

1: The springy thick feel of the fair isle makes my added and plain Stockinette stitch toe and heel seem thin and rough. As though they were added just to be replaced in a few wears.
2: I did an Icord top which i love, but forgot to decrease because the cable stitch has almost 20 stitches more that the stockinett stitch. So the top flares abit.
3: My toe came out great. I just did the k2tog decreases and a kitchner stitch bind off. The heel was another story. I did the same shaping, which turned out to be too short, so it stretched terribly when i put it on and it was see-through, being only one layer of Stockinette. So i pulled it out and started to make a gusset, which doesn't quite work since fabric really needed to be added to the bottom of sock, not the achilles heel. So i pulled it out again, and pulled out too many stitches, disrupting the fair isle part of the sole. UUGGG...

I looked at the sock, its gapping hole. I looked at the cabling admiringly and i knew, i wasn't going to be making a companion. I knew i was to leave this sock, mortally wounded and lone. I put it on again and was again unmoved by how it looked on my foot. It needed to be longer, it wants to be a slipper, but i wanted it be a sock. It will go in my swatch pile, to be salvaged one day. I might even practice Steeking with it. But for now, I bid it farewell.

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