Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chuck's Cabled Sock Update....

Well, after the repurposing of my first attempt of the stock, I have made great progress on this second attempt. I spent some quality time adjusting the pattern to fit my size, given I didn't want to change my gauge. I found that i needed 3 motifs for the instep and 6 motifs for the leg.

I also decided to work the sock from the toe up because i couldn't decide how long I wanted the sock to be. Then, I found Annie Modesitt's suggestion in "Confessions of a knitting heretic" to knit the toe and the heel last. I must also extend my greatest appreciation and gratitude to Annie for her "no cable needle genius". I don't think i would have bothered with this pattern if i had to stop to deal with a cable needle every two stitches. (O_o! eek)

So i have maybe two or three more motifs on the leg to get the length I want and then i will work a short row heel and a toe from "Vintage Socks", though i haven't decided which toe I'm going to use.

I do sense that socks may become a regular part of the subway activity. The next pair will a bit simpler, more stockinette stitch. I am eyeing two stocking patterns in Vintage Socks. I also have to look at my yarn stash, so i can choose a pattern Oleana pattern to work on.

The orange cardigan has been on hold due to the heat wave, making the idea of a pile of wool on my lap very unattractive. But all i have left to do is the sleeves and zipper.

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