Thursday, May 13, 2010

Russian Bobbin Lace Doily

wiggle bobbin lace 1
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Early this month I finished this Russian Bobbin Lace Doily. Its 7" diameter. It had a ground in the center that uses 2 pairs and the border lace used 9 pair. It from "Bobbin lace" by Karpenko which I got from the IOLI Library.

I kinda want to frame it and make it a tray or trivet or something. The end use of doilies is still a mystery to me... Its not something to fits into my home decor, especially in their traditional role; I don't have any "fine furniture" that needs protecting.
wiggle Bobbin lace setup

I think the feel of the bobbin lace is part of the experience of appreciating the lace, so I'm torn between locking it behind glass, keeping it clean and safe from elements and leaving free to air.
wiggle bobbin lace 2

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