Friday, July 18, 2008

101 posts...

This is post number 101. Yay! mini celebration!
(eek! its been two years and two months since is started this blog. )

Anyhooo, in knitting news, I enjoyed a lovely day on Coney Island. With a high of 95 and hazy, sitting on the beach crocheting was a perfect way to spend the day. The water was warm (though there were a few jelly fish) and the sand was hot. It was my first time beaching on Coney Island. I usually go to Far Rockaway. I've been to the Mermaid Festival and astroland park, but not to the beach.

I finished my Stash Buster hat, which didn't actually bust all that much stash. I fused some summer warmth into it, preserving the sand and sun in it for the winter. I added a pompom when I got home and weaved in the ends.

stash buster hat 1

I'm really enjoying this puff stitch. Its simple, rhythmic and fast. I have enough yarn to make some wristbands or something.

stash buster hat 3

Tomorrow is supposed even hotter. Museum for AC or back to beach to watch the Volleyball Tournament?

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Queens Knitting Mama said...

I love this hat!!!!!!! It's so hot to knit but I finished the sweater for baby #2. How have you been?

Congrats on your 101 posts.