Thursday, March 20, 2008

baby booties and socks...

Clarity.... after a little refurbishing of my laptop, i can see! I have a brand new screen, new hard drive and new logic board. I guess is safe to say, my laptop has been reborn. No more stuttering, freezing, blackouts... Yay!!

In knitting land, I made a pair of baby booties. Oddly enough, not for any particular baby and NO, I'm not expecting. I was asked to possibly produce them for some gift baskets. It took me just under 2 hours to make a pair. Honesty I don't think hand knitting should ever be for wholesale. The samples I was given were made in Peru, and a shudder to think how much they got paid..... Anyhoo... baby booties are sooooo cute, and really fun to knit! But not knowing whose little feet they will ultimately be on, kinda takes the magic out of it.

I'm also knitting a pair Crosswalkers subway socks (easy to carry and knit during commute socks). I'm using the yarn I purchased in Berlin, a sport weight wool acrylic yarn, with a camouflage colorway. The colors are not pooling and the socks are turning out quite well. I working on the foot of the first sock.

Lastly, those as anxious as I am to see some progress on the Holiday Sweater, will be glad to know that I've purchased my yarn and I'll have a progress report soon... very exciting.

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amy said...

love those baby booties. i often knit things that i like, hats mostly, in wonderful color combinations, with nobody in mind to give them to. oh well, i say, i love to knit.

great news on that holiday sweater -