Sunday, February 24, 2008

Orange Sorbet Hat

orange sorbe2
Yesterday, I looked at my UFO's and my untidy apartment, and my long "to do" list. Swooning with indecision on what to start first, I chose to make a crochet hat out of an orange and cream yarn I purchased in some sale bin years ago. This same yarn that I've started knitting and crocheting on numerous occasions, only to frog it shortly after. This, an item clearly NOT on my "to do" list, though I'm sure i can come up with some inventive way to show it contributed to tidying my apartment.... yeah....

Anyhoo, the hat is coming along swimmingly. This morning I learned how to reverse crochet, so when I add the ear flaps the "wrong"side stitches stay on the wrong side. Its working out pretty well, though I haven't decided if easier to work with my right or left hand. The instructions are in Tapestry Crochet by Carol Ventura.

orange sorbe1

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