Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Holiday Swatch

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I'm in the process of swatching for The Holiday sweater. This is not the yarn i'll be using. I have two yarns I'm trying out now. I am anxious to get started. I haven't had the time to work on it till now.

I looked at some cashmere yarns, and its just not in my budget. I'm now looking at some blends. Mostly I need the yarn to be relatively smooth so it highlights the cables nicely. Most of the yarns in my stash are cotton or variegated and wavy. Its amazing, I have so much yarn and yet not enough! dang!

I'm knitting another sample in some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed, which is a 40% silk, 30% cotton, 20% fine merino, 10% viscose. Truly a blend. It's soft and her yarns are made for cables. Not sure yet if it'll match my gauge and still have the feel I want....

The swatches pictures here are a fine gauge cotton, so they are pretty small.

Also, people have inquired as to a pattern. I am writing a pattern for this, another reason I'm anxious to get thing rolling.


amy said...

just checkin' in - love the swatch. you're creating the white, cropped cardigan right?

absolutely can't wait -

isn't it funny how much time is spent on the computer w/blogging and ravelry - i must remember to use my time wisely - KNIT.

Digital Leaf said...

Yeah,Its the the white cable cardigan she's wearing when Jude Law shows up at the house in the movie.

Yeah, web time for me is also chat time and work time, which somehow isn't the same mind set as knit time. It helps to make Knit time is own category. LOL

Queens Knitting Mama said...

That looks delicious! Must catch up with you sometime soon. Things have been crazy these days. I have news to tell you next time we talk.


Queens Knitting Mama said...

I got the flu this week. I was in and out of work. I'm home again today. We will catch up soon one day! Promise! How are you?

Kristin said...

Found a link to your blog on Rav. The swatches look great! Holding my breath for a pattern, can't wait! thank you for taking this on :)