Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breaking the radio silence...

Haven't posted in a while, but I have been knitting. (I now understand how we've lost a few knit bloggers to Ravelry, which is not yet open to the public. I heart Ravelry.)

I have 4 projects in the works.

One, is a Habu inspired net tank top knit side to side. More on this one shortly.

Second, is a pair of Anemoi Mittens, in berry and blue. One glove is done and the second glove is about half way done. I started in on my flight home from Berlin. I only have one ball of the blue, but it looks like it'll make it to the end.

Third, is a cardigan based on a cashmere Cameron Taylor sweater. I knitting mine in a soft bulky cotton. I am finishing up the bottom hem and button bands.

And Forth, is "The Holiday Sweater". The pattern is mostly written out and charted already. I just need to get yarn. I did go to Silk City, but they didn't have what I was looking for. I think I want to make in cashmere, so it will be a bit of a yarn investment, so I'll be patient and find the yarn I love.

I will be posted more detailed updates soon. My computer is in shop at the moment, getting a new hard drive (it had bad sectors). Also, I will have some "free" time at the end of the month as the production I'm on is finally ending. I'm taking a few weeks to sort out what my next work adventure will be.

1 comment:

Digital Leaf said...

thanks, I am writing a pattern. I'll be posted more about that shortly.

amy( said...

are you planning on making "the Holiday" sweater pattern available to to others. i'm so excited that someone has finally created a pattern - please e-mail me when it's ready - i'd love to make it for my sister.
i'll purchase it and i know many others will too!