Thursday, December 13, 2007

Striped Illusion Scarf.... and voilà

striped illusion2

I really enjoyed knitting this. Great for the subway and movie watching.

I also had a mini breakthrough. One side of the scarf is all knit and the other side is all purl. I knit combination style, so when I'm working in Stockinette, my knit stitches are knit into the back of the loop. This allows me to purl with even tension by purling with the yarn in front of the needle. Historically, most people hate purling because the tension is always losser then an Knitting.

But for this project, I found that purling my way on every row, seated the stitch in an uncomfortable way. So I started to purl "currectly", by grabbing the yarn from the behind the needle (a.k.a. the correct traditional purl. Knittinghelp explains Knit and Purl best)

I suddenly understood why people HATE purling. It's uncomfortable, and its always looser than the knit side. I've read where people will use the a smaller needle for the purl side or a bigger needle on the knit side. This was not an option for this scarf because there are both knits and purls happening in every row.

The solution: Purl into the back of the loop!!!!! Simple and affective. Suddenly my tension was even, purling went as fast as knitting and the two sides of the scarf looked the same!

striped illusion1


Queens Knitting Mama said...

This is so nice! I want to make one. How are you?

Digital Leaf said...

All is well. Its really fun to knit and I highly recommend it.