Thursday, April 05, 2007

A little Backstory

Obsessed?...Dedicated ;-)

I started out as a crafter and a generalist, I would try things out and learn enough to create the desired item out of what i had laying around. Then move quickly to the next exciting dicipline, rotating between, origami, jewelry making, sewing, painting, drawing, sculpting, crochet, beading, even made a doll or two, and then there was knitting.

But the knitting cycle never lasted long. All I had were size 10", long aluminium needles, acrylic yarn and I was knitting English style. The end of the knitting needle would press into my thigh as i tried to balance the needle with each stitch. My arms got tired and my little swatchs never looked that good. I couldn't read patterns and frankly i couldn't imagine that anyone would suffer thru the pain to knit something bigger than dish towel. I put the needles down and moved on to more fruitful pastures.

Till one day, 4-ish years ago, I was in my crocheting cycle, and having a blast. I had just discovered Tunisian crochet and tapestry crochet. I was trying out the double sided crochet hooks, and knitting hats and bowls and... Anyway, I also discovered the amazing resources online. As I surfed the web, meandering as I do through all the cool stuff out there, getting side tracked very often, I fell upon Knitting Help, which had a video on how to knit Continental style. As I'm prone to do, i dropped everything, grabbed the rediculously long aluminum knitting needles and some crappy yarn and gave it try.

Little did I know, that moment would lead to right now: Me sitting, once again, in front of my computer, having finished a long day at work (in front of a computer) trying to find stretchy ways to bind off Double Knitting, reading blogs, planning my next projects... yawning, rubbing my eyes, yawning again, and decided that this is the best time to update my KNITTING blog!?!.

Little did I know, that I would barely dable in the many other crafts that brought so much joy. (Though I have been sketching....mostly new sweater ideas)

I never thought that something could keep my attention for so long (going on 3 years)....


Ok, I really need to get off my computer now... don't want to go blind cause then I couldn't knit!

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