Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Habu mania...

I couldn't resist... I've enjoyed perusing the Habu Textiles web site, admiring the kits and wonderful yarns made of unusual fibers, like Steel or pinapple. Habu has been front and center in the minds of those in the knit-blogosphere, people showing off their pretty yarns and kits. I couldn't take it any longer. During my lunch break, I dashed up to the showroom in NYC and much to my dismay and delight, walked out with a very small bag, a small bag with a relativly big price. Now don't get me wrong, totally absolutly worth every penny.

I brought two skeins of the bamboo yarn, which dare i say, is SOFTER than silk. I also got two sample bags, which had tiny balls and butterflies of some of their novelty yarns.

awwww, aren't they lovely. Habu will be a place I visit very seldomly, for no other reason than for my own finacial safety. (wouldn't wanna find myself homeless but warm and looking rather well dressed in my layers of knit finery).

Did i mention that their textiles......... aaaaaaah

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