Saturday, March 17, 2007

Capecho Saga continues...

Capecho Sneakpeek
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It has been delightful knitting this thing. And as some have already discovered, there is a major size to photo discrepancy (grrrrr). So i changed it up a bit. I ended up linking pentagon # 9 to 10 and #8 to 11, so the sleeve hole was created. I then picked up the three sides and knit the sleeve in the round. That helped make it a bit smaller. But still not enough to be wearable. My mom tried it on, and it looked great on her, so the redesign commenced.

It will close differently from the orginal design and I added a bottom to it, so its a full length sweater, which makes the oversize not as offensive. I will post pictures of it on MY model soon. And then i will decide if i need to increase the number of stitches on the bottom.

I must say, despite my anger and disappointment at Vogues mis-representation of the design, it was really fun the knit. It went fairly quickly. And I am glad it fit someone I love, cause otherwise I would be one anger chic!

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Queens Knitting Mama said...

I saw this sweater pattern this weekend in the Vogue knitting magazine. You are so good! It's gorgeous.