Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays

What i like about the holidays is not working, or i should say not going to my paid work. I always endup working on all the stuff that i didn't or couldn't get to while I was a working. Right now that includes cleaning my apartment, finishing my orange cardigan and figuring out what pattern I am going to use on a knit bag. (I even got the hardware for the bag already.)
Its also a time to enjoy the city during the day and not on a weekend. So I'll be going the museums, especially the Met., the Brooklyn Museum and some of those museums i never get to, the the Museum of the City of New York.

And since it is only a week off, i try to plan enough that i get everything done, but not so much that i am stressed if something doesn't get done.

Anyhoo, i've needed a subway knitting project for a while now, and i've been very indecisive about it. So i decided to make a second "wrist thingy". After completing my finderless gloves, i've decovered how affective covering my wrists are against the cold. (who knew?) After that's done I'll start some socks for my mom and Dad, in the same yarn I used for the "fancy gentleman's sock".

I am determined to finish the orange cardigan. I want to where it for the new year!

I also have a lot of reading to do, as i have several books from Library on starting a business. Essencially a Production company/Artist studio. I'm writing the plan every so slowly and discovering that it may be two separate businesses....but thats the point of business plan, to figure it all out.

So Happy Holidays!

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