Monday, September 13, 2010

Hand spinning adventures

Learning is good.
I've spun my two 4 oz Spirit Trail Fiberworks  , hand painted roving; one mostly orange, the other mostly green.

The orange, I spun singles for weaving.  It super soft and colors are amazing.  I learned if you add too much weight to your yarn while its drying, it looses its springyness, and is best for weaving.  My Gunmetal Grey and Patina roving that I navajo plyed has no stretch left in it at all (though I will still knit with it).  The orange singles, I let dry with much less weight, and its soft and strong.  Lesson learned.
 pumpkin patch superwash 1
Pumpkin Patch Singles

The green roving, I decided I wanted to knit with and try 2 ply.
 Lazy Lazy Kate
I rigged a 7"x7" to make a lazy kate.  My last try at plying was not successful because the center pull ball i made bounced all over the place and even anchored down, I had some troubles.  The Lazy Lazy Kate worked really well, but then Youtube showed the way to Andean ply.  Genius method and my lazy lazy kate could already be obsolete.  I set the yarn and let it dry un-weighted.  WOW, its just like the yarn I covet at the fiber fests: Fluffy, soft, bouncy, dreamy skein and the colors!
Green moss andean ply

Green moss andean ply 2

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