Thursday, August 05, 2010

making equipment

pvc niddy noddy 2

I made a PVC pipe niddy noddy that makes 1 yard skeins.  I do have a 2 yard Kromski niddy noddy but found that sometimes I wanted a smaller length skein.  The supplies came to $4.81, which is enough to make 2 niddy noddys.  It does the job, but its not as nice as my wooden Kromski. 
pvc niddy noddy 1

The idea of making a spindle has come up few times in fiber conversations.  My friend Vanessa mentioned polymer clay and after seeing the spindle varieties at the Spin City meetup, I decided to make a mini one out of polymer clay.  It Works!  I spun a little bit and Andean 2 plied it.  Already thinking about some fun patterns/designs I can make with the clay.
polymer clay mini spindle

polymer clay mini spindle 2

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