Sunday, August 01, 2010

Idrija Owl

Mini Owl poly wip

I started an Owl bobbin lace pendant about a week ago. I adapted an idrija lace motif I saw on Etsy. I've changed it a little bit and shrank it down to 1.5" x 2". I'm using a gold machine embroidery thread with a white working pair, so the joins are white and the "feathers are gold. Its coming along very nicely. Its my first time working with such thin thread and I'm loving the result.

Here a clostup in the "regular" thread, which I've used on my other Idrija lace pieces.
Mini Owl cotton wip

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Ladka said...

The tiny little owl looks so lovely! I've never seen an owl in bobbinlace so small. The heads of the pins gave me the idea how small it is. Congratulations!