Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lacis Retreat

It was wonderful. I learned so much and I finally took pictures of my work.
The week long event went by quickly. The first three days I learned bobbin lace, starting with a book worm.
Book Worm on pricking

Book Worm

After which I worked on this heart. This piece was really fun and had lots of techniques mixed in.
Bobbin Heart

The next three days were spent learning tatting. We started with three basic motifs, that got us used to loops, picots and chains. Then we made a tatted butterfly with a 3D body. I really love this project.
First Tatted Butterfly 1
And the last day I tried needle lace and lace identification. I can see lots of fun applications for the needle lace and it was so wonderful to see the antique examples of the techniques I learned. Its absolutely amazing the kind of detail that went into lace.
Here is a petal to the needle flower I am making. Its still in progress.
Started Needle lace


Guzzisue said...

looks like you had fun with lace :-)

kio said...

very cute worm :)

kio said...

very cute worm, and other work is also beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly....do you share patterns?

Digital Leaf said...

for pattern contact: http://irisniebach.blogspot.com/

I don't know if she sells it or not.