Saturday, December 27, 2008

FYI - Holiday Sweater

Wow, I haven't posted in a while...

Anyway, i am posting to let everyone know that someone else has done a version of The Holiday Sweater and now has a pattern available for sale on Ravelry. Its called the Fireside Sweater by Amber Allison (Ella).

I really don't know when I will get my pattern finished, so check out hers.

In other news, not much knitting going on. Most of my yarn stash is still in storage. I started a pair of slippers, which I think I'm going to frog. I'm not really in love with method though I like the shap of the slipper. I'm finding it difficult to work the toe because the of the sharp curve. (these slippers are knit flat).
Bernies slippers wip

I did knit a quick hat out of some thin cotton yarn. I didn't use a pattern, just made spur of the moment decisons at the beginning of each round. I'm happy with the result.
Purples Hat 1

I also started a crochet scarf with the same yarn, which is about 75% done.
Purples scarf

I have, however, done some sewing, which has been nice. I've posted some of of the bags (among other things) I've made on Etsy. There is a link on the sidebar or

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Visceral Dunnage said...

Thanks for posting this! When I was googling that sweater, I found your first post about wanting to create a pattern for it. Anyways, I bought the pattern tonight and can't wait. Great job on what you've completed also!!