Thursday, June 21, 2007


The days are just flying by... Its now the first day of summer, and the weather is perfect. Why I'm not at the beach is beyond me! (i know, i know, had to go to work, uuug!) I did spend a lovely time eating lunch in the park though. Sunny, cool breezes, pleasant shade under the trees, good converations, and food. What more do you need!

Anyway, in knitting land, I've taken a break from my crop top, as things aren't going quite as intended. The stockinette stitch is curling a lot, even with a few rows of garder. I'v over thought the collar, trying to shape it the way you would a flat pattern, which also isn't working. I have a feeling am going to frog this and start again from scratch, but we'll see. I'm now thinking of knitting it sideways so that i'm starting at the sleeve and knitting across, which will eliviate some the curling and allow it lay the way i want. Then do a straight ribbed boat neck, which will fold the way i want..... I think.

So as I ponder that I've started knitting the Wisp pattern on the Its a wonderfully easy pattern and makes for good mindless knitting.

I've also started a sock on #1 needles for my summer shoes. Its basically just the toe with a strap to hold it on. Perfect to protect my toes from rubbing inside my shoe when its really humid out.

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