Friday, July 07, 2006

Oh yeah, I forgot about that...

I was in my studio looking through my yarn stash, which is ever growing. The main culprit being Silk City Fibers, which has a sale the first saturday of every month. They are a wholesale company, so their yarns are sold mostly on cones, which is alot of yarn. ^_.^

On my last visit, I purchased this wonderful bulky Merino Wool in a sweet potato orange. I decided too knit up a swatch and see what it looked like. Having just finished that cable wrist thingy, I decided to do cables and seed stitch.

I kept swatching, then was like, I have to do somethin with this. Belt?...NO, bookmark?...NO, front of a sweater/cardigan...Perhaps.

I've sketched my planned jacket and started (top down) on the shoulders and back. I love how fast bulky yarn knits up. (in complete contrast to the thin sock weights I've been working with.)
Its a manderin collar with a cable/seed stitch placket and cables on the sleeves. Seed stitch edges.


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