Thursday, June 01, 2006

Top Down TankTop

I started this TopDown tank top at the end of April. I had about a two and half week break as i waited for my double pointed needles to arrive. The yarn is very thin, so when i was using circular needles, the yarn would get caught at the point where the cord is attached to the needle. I was such a pain in the ass. So i ordered 8" and 10" double pointed needles and things have been smooth sailing. I just finished decreasing under the Bust for a little shape.

I went to the Alexander McQueen store today. I love his stuff. There was a knit turtle neck sweater for over $500. It had ribbing going down the front and wrapping around the waist. And a strip of ribbing down both sleeves. I forgot to check, but I think it was cashmere. ( i am a sucker for cashmere) And he has this cute "Elvish" leather clutch that was great. I also found two sandals that I liked both out of my current price range ($200 and up). One was a simple maryjane style shoe with a sensible heal by Varda ( and the other(s) are by CYDWOQ. ( These both are the kind of shoes that don't go on sale.

This evening, I had a terrible realization, that my time off is almost up. I start working again in the end of June...UUGG. The nice thing is I have some sock patterns i want to start for my commute. I wanna try something more fancy than my first pair of socks, maybe intarsia or lace. Also, I might be able to swing getting those shoes . ^_.^

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